“Where there arises the superior mentality there the conflicts begin, where the conflicts begin the productivity drops down”

A funny moral that I have seen during a storytime “The lion and three bulls” with my baby, honestly this is the real tale behind this article “United we stand; divided we fall.”. This way of thinking we really required now in our construction projects to adhere to our projects on schedule.

The collaborative leadership approach can apply not just for project management which will apply in all fields it’s up to you, how you’re using that during which context. For better project delivery, both collaboration and coordination need, to overcome the traditional project management. We must begin from the straightforward reporting system to a more collaborative and interactive way of working. we all know that regarding both traditional and collaborative leadership approach in project management, the advantages behind that. A project manager must always think of both internal as well as external organization boundaries and parameters to execute the projects. Collaborative leadership is one of the skills set required to get efficient and effective results throughout the project in a constructive and collaborative manner by handling the project stakeholders’ relationships and conflicts for handling the better health of the project and project delivery. Collaboration means two or more teams work together under one umbrella for a common goal. For leadership, a project manager needs a vision, but for the practical implementation of the collaborative approach really in the project management team how effectively a project manager utilizes it for project success.

In fact, quite 95% of construction industries are still adopting an equivalent traditional leadership style where the only monopoly and authority system follows with tons of ambiguities. Within the absence of a well collaborative environment, it’s not in the least possible to execute a project at the bottom well, due to that the majority of the normal construction projects aren’t adhering to the targets. Schedule adherence may be a major milestone and an art in every project otherwise it will impact the projected budgets. The time came to rethink for a reformation in construction industries through a collaborative way of working, collaborative leadership aims managers and other project stakeholders come out from their cabins and work together for project goals. Collaborative leadership is the future of the organization.

You know one thing who are our assets the important excellent resources? That’s our team. Corporates must rethink to implement the collaborative leadership inside the project boundary rather than traditional way where the only point power concept, the team building, and team empowerment is here only in theory as long as we are looking the facility is given to the singular head, we will say say that the concept of leadership teamwork is here only words. within the traditional leadership style, the problem-solving skill is individual wise due to lack of teamwork. Yes, but within the collaborative leadership approaches, we will work as a team and always accompany a collective result to final goals. Team empowerment is difficult to figure only an empowered and motivated team can only work for a goal.

Authority and power, it doesn’t mean an epicentral: – Because of the complex hierarchical and authority issues, within the traditional leadership approach, the innovation and creativity are one of the difficult tasks. The extent of power barely counting on the innovation. Due to the collaborative leadership approach the team member can do open and transparent discussion are creating an innovative and artistic environment among them. Not only that for creating an innovative environment it’s quite important efficient and effective communication between stakeholder, for this corporate should develop a collaborative leadership approach among them.

An Innovative team with all creativity & “unity is strength”: – Unity is our strength it is not just a theory or proverb. For each organization, this tile “Innovative team with all creativity” may be a real asset for his or her business growth, but actually, this is often an enormous milestone unless until with a well collaborative leadership way of working. Forget about the traditional monopoly come from your own silos act as a team with all innovation and creativity. we’ll walk through a real-time example

Team efforts, have you ever thought about the unity and way of working in a collaborative leadership approach? Yes, I would say this collaborative and this leadership and all modern way of talking, but just return to your childhood days and on your school times. Once I asked my grandma when I was young that time, I was not even a project manager and even a do not know how to write, I asked her “how grandma all these ants are going with a white block in their head with a well-disciplined line with all unity, my grandma said son “they are storing their foods for monsoon times, so as a team they are doing. Now I recalled her words here. The same as a project manager we are able to do that for our projects. I might say accompany more practical instead of you learned from theoretical”

Resource management “how to learn maximum utilization of minimal resources”: – Resource management and proper resource allocation play a serious role in construction projects both the project manager and project team planning the allocation once finalized the quantum of work, more significantly. you recognize one among the important skills of the project team on the bottom, that’s the better utilization of resources in minimal availability. The project team can do a discussion at the location level more collaboratively for on-ground planning of the use instead of engaging the surplus resources. The collaborative leadership approach can significantly apply in resource management. you know how a Camel stores its water within the hump, a camel can go long with out water, once they need water, they’re going to utilize it from humps. meaning the way to choose the simplest utilization techniques. In one of my projects, we did a matrix plan by using excel and MS Projects once we did a collaborative discussion at the site.

Issue resolution: – We know the fact unless the entire members of the team did not work together for a common goal the issue register and its resolution will be a great task. Where is mutual trust and respect will say there only a success. Through better brainstorming, the team can dilute the occurred issues. With detailed planning and continuous iteration, we can resolve the issue in a collaborative approach.

Transparency and work delegation: – We have to abolish the traditional leadership hierarchical system the concept of senior and junior otherwise the top to the bottom way of thinking to change into a collaborative mindset and delegate the work and do the work through collaborative leadership styles. Yes, we know that it’s a challenging task a transition from traditional leadership to collaborative. But it is fact, the real tale behind the success of every organization is the transition phase to collaborative leadership. There only the practicality of the transparency, trust and work delegation among the groups. A set of good leaders is really required for an organization rather than many bosses. We know that where is the distributed and remote team working projects, the hindrances inside the organization are very wide, but how we can integrate all these challenges in one thread is the real skill which is required as a leader.

Benefits of team collaboration and collaborative leadership

  1. The strong relationship among the employees because of the one umbrella working concept.
  2. More efficient and better-engaged employees through teamwork 
  3. More flexibility and adaptability inside an organization, skilled and efficient team to manage the project challenges
  4. Healthier and satisfied employees with all motivation.
  5. Efficient and effective productive meetings through transparency
  6. Accelerated production and creation of value
  7. Innovative and creative working environment 
  8. The strong relationship between project stakeholders.
  9. Continuous individual improvements 
  10. More project success rate and organization profitability

Collaborative leadership is the future of every organization, the effective way of working under one umbrella where there is a creative and innovative environment in an organization there only an effective business goal.



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